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All-In-One Old Time Jam Book - Volume II
A follow-up book to Volume I, this book has 36 intermediate to advanced tunes from some of the greatest fiddlers of the past. With moderately pace CD      $28
All-In-One Old Time Jam Book - Volume I
Foolproof Fiddle
Books and Recordings                                            
A number of years ago, I wrote my first book for beginning old time fiddle, Foolproof Fiddle, because I got tired of writing out beginning tunes for my students. After that, my friend and collaborator, Hilary Dirlam, joined me in writing and recording tunes to facilitate the process of learning old time fiddle and banjo. Together we have written six books with accompanying CDs. Also, other members of my family have been involved in several recording projects.
A fiddle and clawhammer banjo book of standard tunes that most old time players know. Presented in an easy to understand format with slow CD.  $28
This book is designed for the total beginner. There are twelve commonly played fiddle tunes. In addition, there is an accompanying CD which presents the tunes at a very slow crawl, suitable for beginners to play along, and then pepped up to a quicker pace with guitar backup. All tunes have guitar chords and words. $15
Tuesday Night Favorites CD
A collection of 21 great old time tunes we enjoy playing at the Tuesday night jam sessions at Celestial Mountain Music. All instrumental.    $15
Celestial Mountain Music Slow Jam Book
Banjo Companion
All the tunes on the Tuesday Night Favorites CD transcribed in standard notation for fiddle or mandolin, with guitar chords. Arrangements are the versions played by Mary Gordon. Includes slow CD. $20, or $15 in a package with Tuesday Night Favorites CD.
Clawhammer banjo tablature for all the tunes on Tuesday Night Favorites CD, with guitar chords. Includes slow CD. $20, or $15 in a package with Tuesday Night Favorites CD.
Need help learning tunes? You've come to the right place!
Tune list for Tuesday Night Favorites
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18 lively tunes and songs from the group that my husband, Lo Gordon, plays with. A high-energy, big string band sound. $15
Roadapple Ramblers CD
Banjo without Tears
This banjo tab book by Hilary Dirlam is designed to give the advancing beginning clawhammer player some interesting banjo tunes that are different from out other books, but still interesting to play. There are tunes in all the main old time keys, and modal tunes. Tips on playing the tunes are included, as well as a section on tuning and basic playing techniques at the beginning of the book. Accompanying CD has tunes played slower and a little faster. $20
This fiddle album by my son, Tim Gardner, is a collection of fiddle tunes from old time, bluegrass, and Celtic genres. Tim started fiddling at age 7, has won numerous competitions,  and has performed with several Asheville bluegrass bands. Some of the area's finest old time and bluegrass musicians are also featured on this album, which was arranged, recorded and edited by Tim (who incidentally has recorded most of the CDs on this page). It will knock your socks off!    $15
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All-in-One Jam Book Volume I - Standard fiddle tunes in notation & banjo tab
Tuesday Night Favorites CD plus Celestial Slow Jam fiddle book and Banjo Companion
All-in-One Slow Jam Companions - NEW companion book to Tuesday Night Favorites CD
Foolproof Fiddle - book for absolute beginners, by Mary Gordon
Banjo Without Tears - beginning-intermediate banjo tunes, by Hilary Dirlam
Timmetry - great fiddle album by Tim Gardner
More Tunes Per Hour - rollicking old time CD from the Road Apple Ramblers